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How to make Picasa flash-based slideshow iPhone-friendly

If you embed Picasa’s flash-based slideshow on your blog, your iPhone/iPad visitors won’t see anything but the now famous broken plugin icon. It’s a shame as Picasa is very user-friendly when accessed from an...

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Fully moved from to in a few hours only! Great deal through LifeHacker: 70% off regular price. Reviews of DreamHost seem pretty good so I’m looking forward to an easy ride...


Full admin of WordPress from an iPad

It’s pretty straight forward to admin a remote instance of WordPress through its dashboard on an iPad. Related articles by Zemanta The Future of WordPress from Matt Mullenwig ( How to Install WordPress (


The Founder Institute

          I attended a VERY interesting presentation last week. The timing couldn’t be better… Welcome to the Founder Institute from Adeo Ressi on Vimeo. Related articles by Zemanta Founder Institute:...