iPhone app

I’ve started working on a simple iPhone app. I want to be able to send a voice memo over email to someone from my phone. I believe that this will be very helpful to communicate with my friends and family overseas. The time difference (+9h for France) is such that sometimes, when I want to talk to people there it’s just too late. Leaving a voicemail would be too risky since I have no guarantee that the phone has been turned off for the night. Especially when I’m driving back home at 6pm 0r 7pm, sometimes I just need to leave a message and a phone is the best device to do so.

I need to figure out when I’ll find time to work on that. Also, I have no Mac at home so developing will soon be a problem. I’m starting with a mock-up of the GUI. I want this to be very much like a phone call (voicemail) experience.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress in the coming days.

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