CIM 2011: 5 Lessons I learned from my 1st marathon

26.2 miles? Check!

#1. Training is the hard part.
You have to be focused and consistent for weeks, months. And during all this time, you want, you hope, you dream that you are going to run the whole marathon but you will doubt until you pass the finish line. Even after your last long run, even when you’ll look back at your training logs, even at the start line, the morning of the marathon… So stop wondering and just enjoy the training! You know, the journey, not the destination…

#2. Because of lesson #1, I’d recommend to train with a team, or a running buddy.
Running during the week is often ok. The short runs alone are fine. The long runs during the weekend are much harder. And it’s getting longer and harder while you progress through the training. I had the opportunity to do that with a team (TNT), and decided otherwise, so I cannot really complain. Still…

#3. Cross-train.
Don’t just run. Do other complementary sports. Go to the gym. Swim. Bike. While it sometimes seems inconvenient, or feels like it’s taking away some time from your running hours, it is extremely important to build muscles that will support your body during running time. If you don’t cross-train, you will get injured, which will ultimately waste more of your time. This is something I learned the hard way…

#4. If you have a spouse, a family, don’t think that you are doing it by yourself.
You’ll need 100% of their support and commitment. You will miss some pickups at school because you ‘have to’ follow your program, your long runs will impact the family weekend’s schedules, etc. When you are recovering you are not really helping neither… So be ready to make up for it, and don’t pretend that it’s just you running. The whole family will be part of this adventure…

#5. It’s all worth it!
Picking a race, setting a goal, preparing, suffering, getting excited, disappointed, and finally the D-day! The runners, the start line, the ambiance, the first steps, the feeling that nobody can stop you… Then, the doubts again, mile 5, 9, 13, 16.5, 20, 21, 22,… 26.1, and 26.2 🙂 The finish line! The victory, your victory! Then the pain again, but at the same time, the joy, the feeling that you’ve accomplished your goal, the smile on your face, the smile on your kid’s faces, the pride, the fact that you… JUST DID IT! Go run! Pick your race, and go run!


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