(not) Working (anymore) on fixing a dead iphone

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What do you do if your out-of-warranty iphone falls from the table and doesn’t recharge anymore? Do you go to AT&T to get it repaired? Or do you go to an Apple store? Nope… you buy a new one as neither AT&T nor Apple provide any services for broken iphones if the warranty has expired.

A third option would be to go online and try to figure out how you can fix it yourself.

I’m working on that. The first step “opening the iphone” (in such a way that you can put it back together and it doesn’t look like a Blackberry 🙂 ) is actually one of he most difficult part.

There is a good video here:

It looks easier on the video than it is in reality, trust me.

One key tool is the “case opener“. I got this one:
case opener

Alright, iPhone officially declared dead. I’ll look for a repair shop somewhere in the Bay area.


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